How to select a correct boiler power?

To determine the correct boiler power, we have to consider the living area of the house and its heat retention capacity. A 10 kW boiler is sufficient for most energy-efficient houses with living area <200 m2. Some older houses may require heating systems with higher power. All the details are available in the building’s energy use audit.

Many boiler suppliers often recommend 30 kW boilers for houses with living area up to 200 m2. Why the discrepancies?

A 10 kW boiler is sufficient for most energy-efficient buildings. The suggestions of the suppliers overstating the maximum power often results from ignorance or deliberate overstating of those parameters by some boiler manufacturers.

What if my boiler room is very small or I have no boiler room?

You can consider a small pellet boiler that can be used even in small flats. Mini Bio KOSTRZEWA boilers with up to 10 kW power do not require a separate boiler room and air supply and can be installed in a bathroom, kitchen or a living room. The boilers require flue access and must be installed in a safe distance from any flammable materials.

Will the installation in the room be a nuisance?

Mini Bio boilers guarantee clean environment without dust inherent in coal storage areas. Mini Bio boiler operation can be compared to a gas boiler, which is virtually maintenance-free, since it ignites and shuts down automatically depending on the actual heat demand. The only operations required are to fill the fuel storage tank with pellet (every 3 to 14 days) and remove the ash from the ash pan once a month.

What are the consequences of using an over-dimensioned boiler?

The most significant is the waste in fuel. An over-dimensioned boiler operates at lower power range, including frequent shut-downs. The boiler efficiency is maintained at a low level. It is like driving a lorry in the town – we use large amounts of fuel and can have trouble parking. The over-dimensioned boiler will use too much fuel and take too much space.

The least effective is…

An over-dimensioned multi-fuel boiler. After achieving a pre-set temperature, the boiler will operate in stand-by mode. At high-power boiler operation at low efficiency, the fuel will be fed to sustain low flame resulting in high fuel consumption and increased boiler contamination and flue gas emission – affecting both environment and our wallets.