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KOSTRZEWA Bufor W0 stratified storage tank with one coil and with 10 cm fleece insulation.0 cm.

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Stratified storage tank


  • with one coil
  • with 10cm fleece insulation

The buffer tanks for storage of heating water are used as a hydraulic separator or thermal storage. The tanks are compatible with the central heating boilers as thermal storage.

Both the housing and the fleece insulation can be removed for easy installation and positioning (install in reverse order).

The thermal energy from the KOSTRZEWA storage tank is being stored in layers, so that the heat can be used on demand.

Combine the different heat generators based on the simple law of physics for best performance. Hot water is lighter than cold water and thus the energy is stored in layers.

The surplus of thermal energy can be stored for a long time without significant losses, and the heat can be used on demand.

Storage tank features:

  • fleece insulation 10 kg/m3
  • coefficient of thermal conductivity 0.042 W/m2
  • B2 fire rating
  • high quality J235JR steel sheet
  • four connectors (two heating devices, e.g. central heating boiler and hydronic fireplace)
  • bottom coil (for solar hot water system/heat pump)
  • 4 temperature sensors
  • warranty: 3 years

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