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Twin Bio is the newest creation of the Engineering Department of the KOSTRZEWA company. Goals of the project: reliability, environmental safety and simplicity of use. The boiler is highly evaluated by its construction, functions and from the point of view of ecological safety.

It is designed for burning of various types of fuel: granules, oats and wood (manual loading).

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The engineers of KOSTRZEWA company created a device, which combines reliability and perfection. The boiler is adapted to burning of ecological biomass (granules, oats and wood).


The machine consists of four interconnected elements:

  • boiler corpus – manufactured according to the 3xT technology (time, turbulence, temperature).
  • Time tested solution – Platinum Bio burner – designed for automatic burning of granules and oats.
  • Platinum Bio/Platinum Bio SLIM automation is designed for one heating circuit + hot water purification depending on the air conditions. The innovative flame and temperature regulation 2 generation Fuzzy Logic technology has been implemented.
  • A large fuel container made of galvanised tin in order to provide a container with an additional protection against corrosion due to exploitation in sophisticated conditions.
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1. Platinum Bio burner with ceramics – an economical engine of the whole system. Reliable, low-noise, made of heat resistant stainless steel.

Ceramic insert increases the efficiency and reduces emission.

2. insulating ceramics (vermiculite) – reduces external energy loss of a heat exchanger.

3. Exhaust turbulator – reduces the temperature of the exhaust gas.

4. Ceramic heat exchange chamber – heats up to 1000 0C and effectively burns the biomass.

5. Wood grid – loading chamber designed for manual burning of wood.

6. Fuel feeder

7. container – 286 l volume made of galvanised tin

Twin Bio boilers meet the parameters of the highest – 5th Class standard PN EN 303-5:2012





Twin Bio (16kW, 24kW) are listed at the BAFA (the German Federal Office of Economic and Export Control) as eligible for subsidies, which may be applied for by their users within the territory of Germany.

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Compliance with qualification requirements imposed by BAFA serves to confirm that the Twin Bio boilers meet the highest ecological, energetic and constructional standards.




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Power [kW]

12 kW, 16 kW, 24 kW, 32 kW


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