Care for our natural environment is a mission of Kostrzewa company.

After the last year’s success, since mid-February 2011 Kostrzewa introduced a second edition of grants program for the purchase of its ecological devices, boilers and burners for pellet combustion. Until now only institutional investors were supported by pro-ecological grants.

Now individual users got the support in access to grants for the construction of ecological boiler houses of small capacity and using pro-ecological fuels. Let’s care for our environment, clean environment translates into our health!!!



Eco Grants program includes boilers and burners for pellets from Kostrzewa company:


– Pellets Fuzzy Logic boiler,
– Mini Bio boiler,
– Mini Bio Luxury boiler,
– Compact Bio boiler,
– Compact Bio Luxury boiler,
– Pellets 100 boiler,
– Platinum Bio burner.


”Eco grant” is available for every customer within the territory of European union. No formalities, we deliver boilers and burners at prices which are reduced by “EcoGrant”. It is sufficient to report the intention to purchase and “EcoGrant” will be granted automatically. “Eco Grants” are awarded on a first-come-first basis. Free of charge delivery of ecological devices on the territory of European union.


Use the Eco Grant – choose clean environment!!!